Restaurante Guria

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Restaurante Guria

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The Pildain family opened Restaurante Guria in Bilbao’s Old Quarter in 1948. The family came to the city from Arakaldo, where Jenaro Pildain’s mother, Isabel Urraza, a wonderful cook, had run a tavern since 1920.

JenaroPildain popularised dishes like Mixed Vegetables, Vegetable Delights, Cod in Pil-Pil Sauce, Biscayne-Style Cod, Bacalao Club Ranero (cod in pil-pil sauce with fried onions, peppers, tomato and choricero peppers) and Gernika beans with broad beans…

After the floods of 1983, the Pildain family moved Restaurante Guria from the Old Quarter to Bilbao’s Gran Vía. Guria underwent further renovations in 2016 bringing a new style and ambiance to both the Restaurant and the Bistro.
Over the years, our dishes have made Guria a cathedral of fine dining.

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